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2024_01_21 jackiecubitttown

2024 Mad Hatters interview with Jackie from Cubitt Town Primary School

Sean Paul Day

I just want to say a really big thank you for including us this year on the trip.

Our children and staff had an amazing time and we cannot thank you enough.

Alex Smith

The feedback from the children and adults was amazing. The drivers were so warm and welcoming to the children - some of them brought gifts which was so generous, and the day was really well organised. One particular stand out memory from the day was a child who had never been in a black taxi before and was in awe of the whole experience.

We are so grateful that our children were given this opportunity.

Sheila, Our Lady & St Joseph Catholic Primary School

Wow, again another amazing day at the zoo, another 25 happy children creating memories with their parent from our school. 

Brilliantly organised an incredibly generous day out as always, the parents couldn’t believe that they were not only given the opportunity to go to the zoo you provided food, ice cream and a present on the way out.  

This is a message one of our parents sent to Karen and I on our return 

I would like to say a very big THANK YOU for inviting us to such a generous event. We made some very special memories that we will treasure. Thank you. 

Our school is extremely grateful that you help us to support our families to create memories together.  Thank your kindness and generosity on every trip you provide our school and to others.

Jacqui & Karen, Cubitt Town Primary School