London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children

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London Taxi Drivers' Charity for Children

Our charity was born in 1928! We have history dating back 96 years. We run annual outings for special needs and disadvantaged children.
We also provide funding for appeals in assisting children in need of help.
Our committee is voluntary and all donations go straight to the good work that we perform.
LTCFC_web_slider_1 Our charity was founded in 1928
sl3_7_donchez_dacres_mht Donchez Dacres at our Mad Hatter's Tea Party
Thumbs Up Southend 2018 Volunteer taxi drivers getting ready for Southend
tn_having_a_laugh A royal visit to Clarence House for the children
Katie and Jude at the Russell Square cabmen's shelter for LTCFC Fundraising at the Russell Square cabmen's shelter
Kids at Cliff Pavilion1 The children enjoying the day trip to Southend


We are well known for our outings to the seaside. We take special needs and disadvantaged children and their carers for fun days out. The children travel to their destination with volunteer London licensed taxi drivers. We also organise exciting events for children including Christmas parties.
Yet our work is so much more. We deal with many appeals to help children. Our volunteers and supporters fundraise through sponsored events. This allows us to continue our important work in assisting children.
Throughout our 96 year history we have assisted with many appeals. We provide essential funding for recreational, technology and mobility equipment for the children.
Her Majesty, Queen Camilla is our Patron.

Notes of Thanks

Your Mad Hatter’s Tea Party was a fabulous event and must have been a mammoth task! Well done to the people who put it all together. The entertainers, the food, decor and general atmosphere was amazing.

Greesha Martins Parent

Thank you for inviting us to the 2018 Mad Hatter's Tea Party on Sunday. It was a fantastic day as always. The staff and children really enjoyed it and haven't stopped talking about it.

Thank you for the lovely day we had at Southend-on-Sea. The children, staff and parents all had a wonderful time. We all had fantastic drivers who looked out for us. Please pass on our thanks and appreciation for the amount you all did.


Our humble beginnings began in 1928. That first taxi outing became part of a custom. It has since become a famous sight to behold each year in London.
We are proud of the dedication of our volunteer committee and our volunteer drivers. They drive the children to our outings and events each year.
The committee does not take a salary or dividends. Effective management of donations ensures that the money goes straight to the children.
To find out more about our history, take a look through our Timeline.
We thank you all for your donations and support to date. Your kind hearted generosity ensures our continued success.
sl2_4_hrh shaking hands with Michael Son Committee members meet HM, The Queen Consort
sl2_7_corams_fields_cheque Committee members present cheque for Coram's Fields
sl2_5_Children enjoying the new playground at Corams Fields Children playing in the nursery playground at Coram's Fields


Praise for the LTCFC

Both the Southend and Christmas party are out of this world. Just seeing our kids faces and the joy they get is amazing! We can't thank them enough.

Joanne Hayes Brookfield House

The support from the LTCFC committee members have been invaluable. It has enabled Norwood to continue to promote the wellbeing of children and families.

Southend-on-Sea 2018 Enjoying the Southend-on-Sea outing
sl3_4_reindeer-cab-2a Our famous reindeer taxi at the Burlington Arcade fundraiser
Taxis ready to leave at Southend 2018 Our wonderful volunteer taxi drivers
sl3_8_characters_mht_2019 Characters having fun at the 2019 Mad Hatter's Tea Party
sl2_6_fundraising_at_burlington_arcade Committee members fundraising at Burlington Arcade


Since 1928 we have been taking special needs and disadvantaged children on day trips. These include Southend-on-Sea, Woburn Safari Park and Chessington Zoo. Our funds have helped to improve many children's lives.
Thank you to everyone who has assisted us along the way. There are amazing people and organisations who have helped us to raise funds. They also spread the word of the fantastic work we do.
We could not do this without your help and generosity and for that we are grateful. Please do not stop.
Donations are the lifeblood of our charity. There are many different ways you can get involved and support us. Please help us to make children's lives better.



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